Pro Tools HD - 2 ACCEL

Digidesign 192

Digidesign 24 bit 888 x2

Steven Slate Raven

Soundcraft Ghost Console
Yamaha NS-10
KRK S-10 Subwoofer

MPA Gold Preamp (Moded)
Presonus BlueTube Preamps (4)

DBX 160A Compressor x 2
DBX 1066 Compressor/Limiter/Gate x 4

Waves Mercury Bundle
Steven Slate (All Plugs)
Izotope RX & Ozone
EastWest Space Reverb
Lexicon LXP Native Reverb

Haven Recording is a full service recording studio in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Pro Tools HD through an analog 32ch 8 bus console with the best analog and digital processing in the industry at affordable rates.

~ A safe Haven for Recording Artists

The Studio

Hammond M-3 

Leslie 825
Fender Moded Strat
Broadaxe Guitars Cutom Semi-Hollow Body
Warwick Corvette 5 String Bass
Seagull SWS Coastline S6
Seagull SWS Coastline S12
Dean Exotic Wood Acoustic Bass
Ampeg SVT Bass Amp 4x10 cab
Mesa Bass Amp
Modded Epiphone Valve Jr. w/ custom cab
50th Anniversary Custom Keller Drum Set 24-13-16
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute 20-10-12-14
Pearl Masters Series 14x5 10 Ply Birch
Six Gun Custom 12x6 Bubinga/PurpleHeart
Keller 50th Anniversary 14x5 (maple)
Dixon 14x3.5 (maple piccolo)
Peace 14x3 (Steel Piccolo)

Blue Microphones Blueberry

Shure SM-57 x 6

Shure SM-58 x 3
Shure Beta 57a
Shure Green Bullet

Shure Beta 52a
Sennheiser E602
Sennheiser MK-416 Shotgun
Moded Oktava MK-219 x 2
Moded Apex 435 Condenser x 3
215 Ribbon

Cascade Fathead
AKG C-12 Clone
Heil PR-30
Heil PR-40
Neuman KM-85i
Blue Dragonfly
Blue Ball
Blue Kickball
AKG D-5 Microphone
Audio Technica AT-873R Microphone
Sennheiser E-609 x 2